Monday, May 29, 2006

At the end of this week I shall travel by caravan and enter into the Royal University. I am most excited as this shall be my first event within my own Kingdom. I intend to take classes in Heraldry and perhaps a bit of Equestrian on the side. I shall share more about the adventure after I return.

Yours In Service to the Dream
Isabella Ambrogini Poliziana


Kenneth said...

I so hate that I could not attend.

Isabella said...

There was a wonderful class for you called "the Right Pavalion for You" I am sorry that you missed it, but I am not sorry that you missed "the meeting". Lets just say we went home early and I have no way of salvaging my reputation except to live in front of these people and show them that everything that was sent to them about me was lies written by a paranoid snake in the grass. Not that I am bitter :D.

Kenneth said...

It would seem m'lady needth snake repellant.