Friday, May 26, 2006

If you share my interest in pavilion making you too will find Earl Dafydd ap Gwystl's instructions and observations fascinating. I had planned on commissioning my first pavilion but now I think I can make it myself. Since you know the Inn does not pay well any gold I can save will help. Although Earl Dafudd ap Gwystl does make it all sound so easy, I know the needle work will need more skill than I have at present. My first task is to find a few talented folks to help. Isabella, do you know of any talented folk who would be interested? I have no illusions that my first attempt will look anything like the good Earl's pavilions. The good Earl is obviously a master of pavilion making as an art form.


Bella said...

Considering your last attemt to make a pavallion I shutter to think LOL!!! Racoon Mountian ring any bells LOL!!!

As to the sewing, I have found that there is a lot of bartering that goes on in the SCA instead of gold. Perhaps if you were to find some good sewer of cloth, you might offer to make a pavallion for you both. (Then you may send me one for Christmas LOL).

I will ask around when I get around others.

Kenneth said...

How could I ever forget Racoon Mountian! The image is frozen in my mind. I am now looking for an industrial-strengh sewing machine to aid in this adventure.

Isabella Ambrogini Poliziana said...

frozen being such an appropriate word :D