Sunday, May 07, 2006

Per M'lord Kenneth's request, I join him in posting my adventures on his sight as we begin our journey in the SCA. My name is Isabella Ambrogini Poliaiana from the court of Lorenzo de Medici in Florence Italy. I was born in 1463 to the Ambrogini family in Tuscany and my father was killed when I was a year old defending de Medici. Our family fell into poverty due to the death of my father and my brother Angelo was taken by the Medici family in 1464 at 10 year old and sent to college to eventually become the court poet and author of several books. In 1475, at the age of 12, my mother died and I went to live with my brother to eventually be sent to college as well and become a part of the Medici household as well. I also wrote poetry and delved into the world of art. Until, at the age of 20, I became friends with an English woman who invited me to come and live in her household in England. I journeyed across the sea to England and entered into the service as a companion to her. This is where I learned the skill of archery along with continuing my studies as a poet and artist.

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Kenneth said...

M'lady is a most welcome addition to my humble site.