Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Top 10 Reasons For Being A Musketeer

10. Spiffy tabard doubles as duvet cover.
9. Takes the sting out of being French.
8. No bag limit on the Cardinals Guard.
7. Fleur De Lys envy.
6. Screw swords, we've got guns.
5. Pick up spare change posing for candy bar wrappers.
4. Lifetime membership at la Rochelle Bed & Breakfast Club.
3. Two words: Annette Funicello! (Ooops, sorry that's Mouseketeers)
2. All for One and One for All, applies to wenches.

and the number one reason....

1. The Queen's diamond studs (if you know what I mean ;) )

From the OutlandsRapier Yahoo Group

I came across this wonderful list on a fellow SCA's blog Anachronista
Great humor too!

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