Friday, May 26, 2006

What are m'lady's colors?


Bella said...

M'lady's colors are argent and vert. Is M'lord offering :D

What would you want in trade :)*raised eyebrows*

Kenneth said...

Only what every good Inn Keep would, title,

Bella said...

Perhaps we can negociate a deal.
Hummm,,, land , title, even money :D those could be arranged according to an long ago established promise from an elder of my family. LOL :P

No, sigh, then I guess it must be something a bit more mundane... perhaps help researching a period name or device???

Archery lessons, I am sure I could teach you to shoot straight. :D

Name your price. sir and we shall negociate. :D


Kenneth said...

...and an excellant negociator m'lady Isabella is.

Bella said...

I don't know mlord, apparently not good enough, I curtsy to one who is far superior to myself.