Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Blue Phoenix? I know most in my village will call it the Blue Bird... not knowing of the pheonix.


Isabella said...

The problem with this one is that again you have 3 different colors and the phonex looks to complex for a device. To many details on it and not big enough to see from a distance. Tweek it a bit, and I will check on the 3 color rule. :)

Kenneth said...

The bird is too complex and I am not sure I like it... even bigger. I do not like the Flurs either... too French. I have been looking for something like and Inn or Tavern... but I could always go with animals... the dog and pony device... Thanks for looking into the three color rules.

Isabella said...

I just received in the mail from the SCA a pictorial dictionary and the arms guide :)

We need to get together and compare notes :)