Wednesday, June 07, 2006

M'lady Isabella it would seem that I too am being plagued by a reptile in the lawn. I fear I may have to take my own advise and seek some kind of snake repellent. While I traveled north last week one of the other Inn Keeps of our fair village was giving false witness of my person and establishment. It was a most troubling situation in which I have had to call him out in public and the out come could go against me for he has the ear of powerful merchants and leaders in the village... Speaking the truth may not be enough.

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Isabella said...

I am most sorry that m'lord has to deal with such vipers. The appear to be running because the weather is hot and the water level is low. The problem remains what to do with them when they attack without warning and with no honor. We MUST walk with our heads up and live our lives with dignety and honor and show the world around us that we are not what the venum has painted us to be. The Truth will win out in the end, I believe that!