Friday, June 09, 2006

Very Slow and Hot at my Ole Inn. Anyone need lodging?

Get your Medieval accommodations Here!


Isabella said...

M'lord Innkeep, are you trying to suggest that a trip north is in order? It sounds lovely, but there is the cost of feed for the horses and will all the packing and moving plans.... a very tight schedule. And I can do slow and hot right here, although, perhaps not as well LOL!!!

Kenneth said...

M'lady, the best feed for you steeds can be found from Brian's Peat farm. Know around most villages by BP. I have a great account with this farm and he has many relatives who offer the same great deals. Just remember BP.

It is true that Hot can be enjoyed everywhere these days. We have smoke from the coal founders this weekend... and the Inn is covered in soot... well everything is covered in soot. Perhaps I could venture south if m'lady wishes.

Isabella said...

What A wonderful idea!! Going down south is always a grand idea but be aware of massave amounts of disaray but the borg is ALWAYS available to one such as you :D

Brian's Peat Farm... ROTF LMAO !!!
I can't stop giggling LOL!!

I don't care how, up or down, but I would love to see you!!!!!