Monday, July 31, 2006

Once again I have traveled far north to the Barony of Stierbach
for Inn supplies. This caravan was not as planned. This group I had planned to join for this trip had wagon trouble and never made it to our village. I was lucky that another caravan passed through the village before I had unpacked. Trade is going well and I should return home at the end of this week.


Isabella said...

M'lord Kenneth,
I now have the book English Place names if you would like to get with me about getting a name and a device. :)


Kenneth said...

That is news worth hearing!

Isabella said...

m'lord, wouldest thou give me an email or call to inform me of your wishes about place names and what pilgramages :)


Brian de Razen of Orlando said...

M'lord Ken,

Might I say that thoust has a most wonderous of hat resting upon thy noggin. I praytell that we may be blessed with more wonderous tapestries of your fine velvet encased skull to delight and amuse us.