Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Raid was turned back and the Sacred Shrubbery was recovered!

The shire celebrated the victory and has planned a raid of their own in two months time.

Many of the shire will be talking of this raid for a few days yet. If you go to the village center I am sure you can catch up on all you missed.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

After many long months I have finally attended an official SCA meeting. Last Tuesday I attended Owl's Nest fighting practice. With many many thanks to m'lady Herald Isabella for introducing this humble Innkeep to the shires' Seneschal, the most graceful and talented Lady Aine ingen Comyn.

The most useful garb can be found on the Forward Into The Past, the T-tunic. It is a must for those of any station in life.

Tuesday, the fighters of Owl's Nest will be put to the test, as a rival shire prepares to do battle. We shall see what bravery they bring to the field of honor.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mistress of the Sword

What happens to a spirit
Surrounded by war,
With a heart always loyal
Being battered and tore?

It was never for battle
But for cherish and love
A heart made to teach
And the soul of a dove.

The hand that was fashioned
For beauty and grace
That now holds a sword
Showing scars you could trace.

The mind that was born
To put words into song,
Now lost in the memories
Of friends all long gone.

Eyes that were gifted
inspiration and truth,
Now dull with the pain
As the age replaced youth.

A lady born gently
Who once dreamed of a mate,
But lost softness to steel
In a sword-dancer’s fate.

But never forget
That buried down deep
Is a heart that still dreams
Of a love that will sweep.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Well yes a new group of pilgrims has arrived. Yesterday was filled from morning to dusk with activity. The rest is over, but how sweet the peace was in memory. I am off to make sure their holy break-fast is ready on time this morning. Busy, busy, busy...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Today was such an overcast day. The depressed mood of the Inn was made more low by the last of the pilgrims departure. The Inn is at last silent! Now, I can rest for a few days before the next group arrives Sunday night.
While many have wondered at the meanings hidden in the large crop circle formations... I think the meaning is clear in this one.

I think Joe-Joe is an angry god.
I know the burning question around the village is whether or not Joe-Joe wears a hat. The follower(s) of Joe-Joe have been silent on this question.

As luck would have it, this humble Inn Keep did find one holy pilgrim with this portrait of the deity. From the style I would guess that it was commissioned from the monks of Nuttingham, but it could be a rare work by the Bird People. Most likely it is simply Joe-Joe in his riding hat... notice the chin strap.

My current pilgrims are now two. One more was over come and had to leave yesterday. I long for the peace of and empty Inn... but not of an empty coin bag. On Monday a new group of pilgrims arrive. Ten in all. Such a large group. It is a wonder tales are not told of it.

Monday, August 14, 2006

It is as true now in the 15th century as it was in the 14th century that the hat doest make the man (or lady). Some may even say it doest make anything from the pet cat or dog to more bizarre things I am sure I would not understand. As the followers of Joe-Joe often say... well I am now sure what they are saying now. I must go consult the alien squirrel deity for guidance on what is or is not being said.

As for the Inn, my four remaining pilgrims are quite pleasant on the outside, but very demanding of my time never the less. One young lady was completely over come by the holy works she witnessed that she and her hansom escort had to return home early. What a shame she will miss the pinnacle of the festival days ending in a great climax... well I am sure the lady will find other amusements to fill her journey home... maybe her hansom escort can help amuse her on their trip.

I must be off the kitchen wench is stealing me blind and the pilgrims are very unforgiving if their break fast is not prepared.