Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I know the burning question around the village is whether or not Joe-Joe wears a hat. The follower(s) of Joe-Joe have been silent on this question.

As luck would have it, this humble Inn Keep did find one holy pilgrim with this portrait of the deity. From the style I would guess that it was commissioned from the monks of Nuttingham, but it could be a rare work by the Bird People. Most likely it is simply Joe-Joe in his riding hat... notice the chin strap.

My current pilgrims are now two. One more was over come and had to leave yesterday. I long for the peace of and empty Inn... but not of an empty coin bag. On Monday a new group of pilgrims arrive. Ten in all. Such a large group. It is a wonder tales are not told of it.


Isabella said...

Jo-Jo has such flair!!! He is an inspiration to us all.

Kenneth said...

One must always look one's best.