Monday, August 14, 2006

It is as true now in the 15th century as it was in the 14th century that the hat doest make the man (or lady). Some may even say it doest make anything from the pet cat or dog to more bizarre things I am sure I would not understand. As the followers of Joe-Joe often say... well I am now sure what they are saying now. I must go consult the alien squirrel deity for guidance on what is or is not being said.

As for the Inn, my four remaining pilgrims are quite pleasant on the outside, but very demanding of my time never the less. One young lady was completely over come by the holy works she witnessed that she and her hansom escort had to return home early. What a shame she will miss the pinnacle of the festival days ending in a great climax... well I am sure the lady will find other amusements to fill her journey home... maybe her hansom escort can help amuse her on their trip.

I must be off the kitchen wench is stealing me blind and the pilgrims are very unforgiving if their break fast is not prepared.

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Brian de Razen of Orlando said...

Pray tellth...

Does your furry tree living diety have a chapeau upon his little skullbucket?