Saturday, September 30, 2006

A most excellent verse! M'lady Isabella, you always seem to know not only what needs to be said, but what needs to be heard. A talent I am most often lacking. These have been dark days at the Inn, and your verse was exactly the words my soul needed to hear. As much as I do love the Inn and all the Pilgrims that pass my hall, I am troubled that a matter as mundane as too little revenue may force this Innkeep to look for another more prosperous Inn. Indeed, there are many Inns in need of my keeping skills. The moving itself is the hard thing...when all is silent.

M'lady, on another subject, may find it amusing that I too was ill this morning and unable to attend the MGT. I am very sad to have missed the event. I will have to wait until Tuesday nights fighters practice to hear about the grand happenings. I have another interest... I think I would like to make a map of our fair Kingdom like this one of our neighbor to the south. What does M'lady think?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dear Isabella,

I would like to make a scroll of one of your poems for you. As this is my first attempt I do not think it will be very good. Do you have a favorite? I would like to make this as a gift... for you.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Last night I began my journey into scroll illumination. I worked on illuminating a scroll with a lovely vine design around all four sides. It was most enjoyable and the company was wonderfully too. There is much for me to learn about this art.

And Lady Aine ingen Comyn is the most amazing artist I have seen with either the quill or pen. Her calligraphy makes even the words on the page art itself.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Yes the long awaited day has come. I have taken the leap and joined (officially) the SCA. While the College of Heralds have not yet seen my request for name and device, much work on both has already been completed. For these task I owe m'lady Herald Isabella much thanks... and a pavilion. I have not forgotten, m'lady. I am sure there will be much dancing over such tidings as these.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

M'lady Isabella has inquired to what pilgrimage these last pilgrims follow. These are the most faithful of pilgrims. They follow the life of a Carthusian Monk for a few days to purify the body and soul. They follow the same rules as the local house of monks here in Kinardesferi, The priory of Axholme.

Here is a list of there schedule for the first day:

11:30pm Rise - Prayer in Cell This nocturnal prayer in solitude is particularly appreciated by many.
12:15am Matins followed by Lauds In the Chapel. This office last two to three hours depending on the day or the Feast. Lauds of Our Lady In cell. Praise to God with the Virgin Mary. Then back to sleep.

6:30am Rise The time is approximate. To be ready for Prime.
7:00am Prime - Angelus After the Angelus, the time is consecrated to Prayer or Lectio Divina (e.g. prepartion of the Mass readings).

8:00am Conventual Mass In the Chapel.
Thanksgiving - Lectio Divina Lectio Divina is a meditative reading of the Bible. This time can also be used for prayer.

10:00am Terce Approximatively every two hours an Office is recited : Terce is one of them.
Study or Manual Work No manual work before Terce. It can be done morning and afternoon, or all at once.

12:00am Angélus - Sext Recitation of the Office of Sext
Meal- Recreation The time of recreation may be employed freely. reading, working, gardening, or enjoying the sun.....when it shines.

2:00pm None Recitation of the Office of None
Manual Work (1hr) Study The time accorded to each depends on the individual in negociation with his Superior. (Prior or Novice Master)

4:00pm Vespers of Our Lady Praise to God with the Virgin Mary.
4:15pm Vespers In Church
Collation - Reading - Prayer Reading of the Bible, a spiritual writer, or other appropriate material. The collation is a light meal, taken any time between Vespers and Complines.

6:45pm Angélus - Complines Recitation of Complines, the last Office of the day.
7:30pm Bedtime - before 8:00pm

It is indeed a very long day.

Monday, September 18, 2006

My, my today was a long one! The Pilgrims first day is always the most difficult at the Inn. So demanding of your time and energy. It is a well won sleep I shall enjoy tonight. Rest well!
This Morning I go to greet another group of holy pilgrims. While I should rejoice in my heart for the new business, I do not. Today is a bit sad for in all my preparations for this groups arrival I have missed both Red Castle where many of my new friends were honored and I have missed the 20th year anniversary festival of my naming day.

To lighten my heart I did find this wonderfully imaginative artisan... a port of Air, indeed!

Friday, September 08, 2006

This is a late entry. Next weekend are many events that I so desire to attend, but cruel fate would have none of it. A special group of pilgrims arrives at the Inn on Sunday next, and I must be here personally to make them welcome. I long so to attend events far to the south. This longing will have to go unattended for an Innkeeps work is never done.

Such twist of Fate does cause great stress of which here is but one remedy.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Here it is the Well Won shrubbery!