Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dear Isabella,

I would like to make a scroll of one of your poems for you. As this is my first attempt I do not think it will be very good. Do you have a favorite? I would like to make this as a gift... for you.


Isabella said...

How about this one
Listening for the Rain.

Trusting God is scary
when your path leads through quicksand.
Holding on to faith is hard
when the fires are being fanned.

It's tough to face the fury
of a storm that rages round,
when the Father's voice is silent
and there's no land to be found.

When hope has no more meaning
in a world weighed down with fear,
and you find your in the darkness
doubt and sadness all you hear.

Only when the fire is hottest
and the blade made almost nil,
is it ready to be molded
by the master of the steel.

Like clay becomes a vessel,
not by moving left or right,
but by spinning on a stone
yielding to a potter's sight.

So when the way ahead is shrouded
And there's silence from the throne
then we know that God is working
and that seeds are being sown.

We'll hold on to faith and courage
and we will not bow to doubt,
for our Father has it all
and his rain will follow drought.

Kenneth said...

It will be my honor.