Saturday, September 30, 2006

A most excellent verse! M'lady Isabella, you always seem to know not only what needs to be said, but what needs to be heard. A talent I am most often lacking. These have been dark days at the Inn, and your verse was exactly the words my soul needed to hear. As much as I do love the Inn and all the Pilgrims that pass my hall, I am troubled that a matter as mundane as too little revenue may force this Innkeep to look for another more prosperous Inn. Indeed, there are many Inns in need of my keeping skills. The moving itself is the hard thing...when all is silent.

M'lady, on another subject, may find it amusing that I too was ill this morning and unable to attend the MGT. I am very sad to have missed the event. I will have to wait until Tuesday nights fighters practice to hear about the grand happenings. I have another interest... I think I would like to make a map of our fair Kingdom like this one of our neighbor to the south. What does M'lady think?


Isabella said...

I know the map is down on the webiste last I heard so you might want to see how good it turns out and then find out if they would like to incorporate it onto the website.

In other news, I am very greived to hear of your illness. If it was as mine, it will pass within the day, but completely ruin the weekend.

And last of all, forgive my disbelief, but I have heard that rambling for almost 10 years :), so I will wait until I see action before I comment. :P

In service

Kenneth said...

The moving I am talking of is from one Inn to another... not leaving the big city. Trully, my job is stressing me out with paying me in the lowest 15% of the pay grade for Atlanta... love the job hate the know how that goes.