Friday, September 08, 2006

This is a late entry. Next weekend are many events that I so desire to attend, but cruel fate would have none of it. A special group of pilgrims arrives at the Inn on Sunday next, and I must be here personally to make them welcome. I long so to attend events far to the south. This longing will have to go unattended for an Innkeeps work is never done.

Such twist of Fate does cause great stress of which here is but one remedy.


Isabella said...

THAT was fun!!!! I want to do it again:D LOL Are you going to reserve a spot at Castle Wars and if so, I will do the same and see you there .

your comrade in acky feet

Isabella said...

There is a fighter from myspace that is from your shire. His name is James.


Kenneth said...

And what does this James do to recieve a :D from you....hummmm

Isabella said...

Silly. If you knew anything at all, which of course you don't, you would know that I was smiling at you. Besides you know that my smiles are easily won, of course, so is my rath. But it all balances out.


Kenneth said...

Lucky James! to be smile apound by m'lady Isabella.