Sunday, September 24, 2006

Yes the long awaited day has come. I have taken the leap and joined (officially) the SCA. While the College of Heralds have not yet seen my request for name and device, much work on both has already been completed. For these task I owe m'lady Herald Isabella much thanks... and a pavilion. I have not forgotten, m'lady. I am sure there will be much dancing over such tidings as these.


Bella said...

Much excitment and happy wishes. Look into the art of illumination I think you would like it and excell at it as well. Then you could tell me how to get the stuff LOL!!

PS remember to send me 3 copies of your Dr Lic and SCA card and I will get your name sent in.

Anonymous said...

Sorry it posed twice, I thought the first one did not go through.