Saturday, October 21, 2006

Back from Hell,

Well this Holiday was not that bad, but paradise it was not. I visited and toured my old Ramada... It has not changed which is both sad and comforting. It is good that things change.

I did miss seeing m'lady Isabella. Our schedules just did not match up this time. My heart is heavy for all my friends and family that remain. ...but it is good to be home.


Bella said...

Wow that is an old photo!!! Took me a minute to figure out where that was!

Bella said...

Well at least you survived, that is the important thing whenever visiting "the old lands."

Pray for me dear brother, I have promished the kin folk that I shall make the journey to partake in their feast of thanks.

Isabella said...

LAdies and gentlemen I know where the photo was taken now, I has worried me for a while. :)
It was taken from the top of the water tower and the church in the foreground is the old First Baptist before it had red brick on it and the church in the far background is the Methodist church. Accross from that is the big building - the Shiver's Hotel at the top of the hill.

Very cool.