Thursday, November 09, 2006

It has been so busy at the Inn for the last two weeks I have not had a minute to add a single note. Much has happened; a small group of 5 pilgrims has come and gone, a large group of 11 holy pilgrims arrived only a day after, the Inn is now profitable again so I will not have to sell it and look for another location to build an Inn, the rains prevented the shire from raiding the next shire over (many of our brave fighters are even braver when not facing combat), the raid was reorganized for a later date, everyone in our shire are preparing to travel south to lend what aid we can in a castle war, and happily I sold my old folks wagon to buy a new wagon with a removable top. I do love a good trip in the warm sun and wind. My new wagon does not hold as much as my older one, but I no longer have to worry if I will loose a wheel in the mud while on a long caravan.

All and all... A good start to the month.


Bella said...

Castle Wars!!!
Castle Wars!!!
Castle Wars!!!

YEAH!!!!! Remember, Pillage FIRST, THEN Burn!!!!


Kenneth said...

ohhhhh! That's why all my ill-gotten gains are blackened. Pillage first...great idea!