Sunday, January 21, 2007

It truly is feast or famine. As one group of Holy Pilgrims departed only a few days ago a group of 8 arrives today. With this weather most fowl, cold and dank, this inn keep would stay a bed all day. Warm, dry, and comfortable. Alas I am not a man of great means, so I must work hard each day for my living... and rest when there is nothing else to do but rest. Ah to have the life of a dog with but two choices to make with everyone you meet... to bark or to wag... now that is the question.


Isabella said...

Ahhhh, to sleep, perchance to dream... I think I shall lie in bed and listen to the rain... oh, wait, have to go to work at the zoo, but as soon as I get off work I shall go home and crawl in to my bed,,, oh wait, have to work on the website for a few hours... BUT then I shall crawl into my bed and begin... oh, yeah, I have to read and study then work on my homework for college.... Well crap, sigh... have fun storming the castle!!!!

Bella said...

What if you bark while wagging????