Monday, January 29, 2007

M'lady did you not see the warning about Barking while you Wag... It could be very dangerous. It may cause cartmen to loose control of their carts, herdsmen to loose their flocks, Washerwomen to loose their clean wash, I am sure the list could go on, but at this time it could cause this Inn keep to loose his job... Have a great Monday!


Isabella said...

I must say good gentile that I did not see that warning :D

I did win the A&S performing arts at the consourtium gathering this weekend.

Bella said...

Will m'lord be at Midwinter A&S weekend after next in Southdowns?

Kenneth said...

I will be far far way... out in San Antonio... Plus I am sick as a dog... plus I feel like I have not been to an SCA gathering in some time...I have not had enough time. This is is looking crazy and it is only the second month.