Thursday, February 15, 2007

It has been half a month since I last wrote here. I have much to say but no time to put words to paper. I wanted to pen a great letter for the local chronicler. If wants were wings we could all fly as my dear departed mother was fond of saying. The master of a great number of inns now has one of these journals Mr. Marriott . Of late, I have traveled to some exiting new places. Seeing the great desert city of Vegas was amazing. It is a place full of wonders beyond what I had expected. I departed the great Las desert city with 300 extra coins in my coffers, which I am told makes me a lucky man. Then just last week I traveled to a great battle field city of Alamo. It is amazing how a city can grow up along a river so completely that it covers both banks all the way to the water and 3 and 4 stories above. With all the little foot bridges crossing the river and might street bridges crossing above the foot bridges, it was easy to get lost in the cool walkways of the river. In addition to visiting these great cities, I have been here at the Inn for three different groups of pilgrims. So many people have demands on my time these short cold days of father winter. There is neither enough light in the sky or time in the day to fill all of them. In a months time I will leave for a great sea voyage. The one thing I love about the sea is only those on the ship can make demands of you time... so in other words I will have so time to myself.