Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I am in a hell of my own making. Last year when I setup my schedule for this year I must have been trying to punish myself. Group after group, trip after trip... It all seems like I am working non-stop. I do enjoy my work but I enjoy living too. The time seems to fly now. I have been on the go since January and that was 3 months ago, but it seems only a few weeks.

To be free and fly in the sun or run through the open woodlands... to dream of such freedom.


Isabella said...

Would m'lord perhaps be able to find any freedome within the next weekend through the following week? I perhaps (if I can afford new tires :) could make a trip into the great city for a few days - if of course I could find a room somewhere :)

Anonymous said...

blog blog blog....

Sorry, I was board LOL and desperate to get out of Hell, I mean Chipley. To bad you don't work in Orlando or disney LOL :D

anyway, I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for being my friend