Thursday, April 26, 2007

Well, I am still on vacation time. Things just seem to fly right by me and I am standing still... looking at the scenery or wildlife. The Ole Inn is turning 40 next month... it is showing its age. It maybe time to put some time and money into getting her back up and looking good. It is a wonder what a new coat of paint can do to improve the look.

My many trips of late have taken a lot out of this ole Inn keep... hold on and I'll get you the ale! I'm not a spring chicken you know. M'lady from Italy is most demanding!


Isabella said...

Pashaw!!! M'lady is not demanding, well ok, she is, and bossy, so I've recently been told, but dang it I had to wait a month just for a little ale :P

A note was left for you innkeep at your address to discuss the faire and possibilities :)

Isabella Poliziana said...

More ale!! Or Vodka or Rum or at this point whatever you have on hand :D

Kenneth said...

I would be interested to learn M'lady's opinion of the new Inn decor.