Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The days of youth and folly are long over for myself. A new group of 10 pilgrims have arrived and are just starting their holy devotions. Among this group are a few that are new to this world with their eyes still wide with wonder. Their hearts still full of love and their souls full of life. There is no doubt they will enjoy the time here.

Ode to be new and young again. To live life like you know it is the best of times, to love with the passions of an unbroken soul, and to see the world from eyes wide with wonder again.

But, some things come with age and other things depart with age and we must find our pleasures along the way and between the two common points in all our lives...Birth and Death.


Isabella said...

Good lord, you are becomming a poet in your "old" age!! *snicker*

Kenneth said...

I guess that in one of the things coming...we won't talk about all the things going.

Isabella said...

It is not the things coming that bother so much as the things going ROTF LOL!!!