Sunday, June 03, 2007

Today I worked 12 hours to get the Inn ready for this wayward group of Pilgrims. The Ole Towne (place) was not sweet when I arrived this morning and the ale was only a step above muck when I left for the night. The goode ole staff has really let the Inn go and I know the owner will be none too pleased. I worked hard all day and into the night to make everything ready. Haft the supplies had gone bad from improper stores and many tables and beds were just broken. I travel about the village purchasing replacements for some item, but not all could be found. The most frustrating thing was that some of the broken items the staff knew about three moons ago and just did not care to find replacements. I will have to find a better way to safeguard the religious relics used by the pilgrims during their stay, when I am away.

Now off to bed with myself for tomorrow the pilgrims will demand my attention early in the morn.


Isabella Poliziana said...

The black hearted scoundrels!!!!

Shall we pillage?

Kenneth said...

let us pillage then burn

Isabella said...

ummmmmm ...... fire...... :D