Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today is the last real day of our vacation. It was a full day of all the touristy things to do in Chattanooga. We, of course, started our day at noon and then had breakfast at Long John Silvers... it would be the only non fast food meal we would get today.
First off was the Inclined Railroad. It is only one mile but it goes straight up Lookout Mountain. I had never ridden it and it was part of the packaged tickets. At the top of the Inclined Railroad was a cute little town with old houses (circa 1900-1920) and a large park. The park was only 3 blocks away so we walked down to it and took some amazing shots of the city and the park. The main feature of the park was a Civil War Monument honoring both the Union and Confederate solders that died here. At the very top of the monument were two solders shaking hands. A park ranger was telling another group that this is the only Civil War Monument to honor both sides on the same monument. The park had a real sense of peace. I would have liked to stay longer, but time was tight and we still have two more attractions to see.

Second attractions was Rock City. It was warm and this was taken at the end as we got back to the gift shops. Rock City has changed a little and added a bird show and a nice place for large groups. Oh, they have also piped in some yanni type music. There were lots of people and kids in Rock City so there was little peace here and while we took many beautiful pictures here without the sound of screaming kids and lots of people talking in the background it is not like you are there. In other words the pictures are better than being there. This shoot kind of shows that in our expressions.
Next we hit Ruby Falls! It was about 7pm and the Falls parking lot was thinning out so we got a spot right up front at the main building. This was the park, as a kid, I remembered Dad loosing his cool because they put a bumper wrap thing on his Cadillac. This had to be in the 70's. It was the family vacation and everyone came. Mom, Dad, Kevin, me and great-grand mother Bessie all in the car for hours. Well this is one place that was better than my memories. The walk to the falls was like I remembered with some extra signs here and there to point out different rock formations. When we got to the falls... it was more beautiful than I remember. The lighting was amazing and I would come back again. We did not take the camera with us... I wish we had. Brian and I both remember this as not being that cool, so we did not think we'd want cave pictures. Oh well, live and learn.
We stopped by the hotel to clean up for dinner and discovered that everything closes at 10pm here. After driving around for a little we stop at Wendy's, picked up some burgers, and drove back to the hotel.
All in all a great, if not too busy, day.
Tomorrow... back home.

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B said...

What, no camping on Raccoon Mountian????? Same places but certianly a bit different than our trip 100 years ago.