Monday, July 09, 2007

Today we had breakfast at a scary but good little local place called Little House of Pancakes. Then we stopped by the Food Lion for some supplies for our trip to Cades Cove. To get to Cades Cove you have to take the mountain road called Little River Road. This drive is 20 something miles of twist and turns that follow small rock filled rivers through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. As the tourist we stopped at many overlooks to take pictures of the mountains... the best part was driving the entire day with the top down. Amazing!

Cades Cove is a huge valley in the middle of the park that is breath taking beautiful. It has a one-way road that circles around the edge of the valley to end at the beginning. As a kid Mom would always make sure we came here once on vacation. This was her favorite place... memories. The reality was it was 90 degrees in the valley and it felt even hotter. the loop road was slow with everyone stopping to see the deer along side the roadway every few feet. It took until 4pm to get around the valley. I have more pictures I'll post later of Cades Cove.

On our way back down Little River Road we wanted to find the place we stopped at on the way in to Cades Cove and have lunch on the river.. well on the rocks in the river. We stopped at 2 places that were not it and I was sure we had already passed it when we stopped at the same place. It was our lucky day. Which it really is for today is our 11th Anniversary. So I gave Brian the card I have put in the glove box Saturday. and we eat on the rocks and listen to the sound of the river rushing over the rocky river bed.

We did not get back to Gatlinburg until 6pm and the flower fairy had put some roses and a cute little bear in our room when we return... (I can be so sneaky) After baths to get rid of the days road trip we had a really nice dinner at the Cherokee Grill. It rained while we ate and a little afterwards while we looked through some neat shops. All in all a good day!


B said...

So, who took the picture.

Anonymous said...

Jo-Jo took the picture... the timer took it.