Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Well today was another road trip. This morning we left Gatlinburg and drove down to Chattanooga to check into the Marriott Convention Center. It was a easy day on the road with little traffic. We arrived at the hotel about 3pm checked in and then went to the mall. While at the mall area Brian finial bought the PS3... now $100 less, free extra controller, and 5 free blue ray movies. This deal was more than he could resist. At the mall the theater was playing the new Transformers movie. We both have wanted to see it so we caught the 4pm movie.

After the movie we shopped for some late night snacks at the Wal-mart across from the mall. It was only 6pm when we got back to the hotel... and I noticed that the flower fairy had not visited us... like she was paid to do... So I went to get us some "ice" wink, wink. At the desk they had no idea about the tickets I had ordered from the hotels on-line service, had no record of flowers being delivered or my comments that the flowers would arrive with boxes of chocolate... well one of the ladies at the desk ask a bellman that had been there all day and he located the flowers and chocolates and I got to bring them up to the room with me. Not the best service, but the end results were the same, Brian was impressed. He took the picture of his new flower in the rooms window. He kept the 2 dozen roses he received in Gatlinburg. I think he is happy and having a good time.

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