Friday, July 20, 2007

Well work is back. TGIF!!! I have a small group of Marriott Pilgrims this week at the Inn. There are only three of them. One fell ill on his journey and did not travel the others. The three have made excellent progress through the spiritual journey here learning much. Thus the weekend they have to themselves with not teachings to study. One gentleman plans to attend a tournament of skill and sport while the other gentleman and lady have not voiced their personal plans. I will enjoy a quite weekend away from the Inn. I may camp at the lake and live off the land for a day or two. The reality is I will in all likely hood stay at home and sleep. After such a grand trip I had last week this has been a very long week and I feel I need the sleep.


B said...

I arrived home today myself and feel the need for a DEEP sleep, alas it is not to be for I have a major Powerpoint presentation due before tomorrow night and much work to do first!!!

B said...

Post something, I am board and I need you to entertain me :D