Sunday, August 12, 2007

Just saw the new Bourne movie. Overall I would give excellent marks. I am not one for liking part 2 and 3 movies but this one has better action and more of a plot than most. It kept me on the edge of my seat and guessing what and where was next. This one like the first two is shot in amazing locations around the world.

This one is worth the full price.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Wow. Abraham was a single source for three of the worlds largest religions. His 1st son by Hagar (his servant) was Ishmael. He founded the Islamic faith.

His son by Sarah (his wife) was Isaac. He founded the Jewish faith.

So why do these two faiths hate each other? Why is there so much spilled blood? Does it all go back to a brotherly dispute? Ishmael and his mother Hagar were send out into the desert after Sarah had Isaac. Was there more to the story? The lord of Ishmael and Isaac are the same. We are all brothers and sisters.

Ever wonder why the Bible does not include any gospels written by women? There are several that date to sources older than many of the gospels that are included. Are the female disciples any less holy? Was the teachings of these ladies less important that the men? Did they not suffer enough to be included?

Why? If the Bible is not altered by the men that composed and translated it then did God choose the work of Man over Woman?

Friday, August 03, 2007

Choices maybe the source of some regrets for either mistakes or how people react to your choices or even the actions caused by your choice. Everyone is forced to make choices everyday. To run from your choices is in itself a choice you have made. Running as spoke of in the last entry is beyond a choice you can make. It may be a desire. It may even be a hope, but you can not choice to run from mankind as you can not run from yourself. Where ever you go you will be there and mankind will be there in you. You can no more choose to live when it is time for you to die than you can choose a life other than the one you have and mankind can no more change the nature of man than it can change our past. The end is final and the beginning is forgotten like our childhood dreams.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I do not believe we run from responsibilities. I think that we in general use this word often to avoid examining the things we dislike to closely. The thing I wish to run from is knowledge. The knowledge of how ugly mankind really is underneath all the manners and political correctness. This is something as kids we just have not seen yet. Childhood through school protects us from most of it. It is only after we leave to explore the world with our wings spread wide that we begin to see that we fly over, not a garden of wonders, but a wasteland of broken-half lived lives. Lives that are broken by the cruel nature of mankind never complete the numerous dreams and plans they once made.

So, I look to the untouched beauty of nature itself for peace and dream of a life without the knowledge of how ugly mankind really acts towards each other.

These maybe just words, but remember Shakespeare's greatest works are also just words.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Well this is what Monk's Corner looks like now. It is so different. I remember when there were maybe 6 families living in the area pictured. The Ramseys, Dawsons, Rudds, Kiblers and maybe two more I did not know. The truly sad part is that the rest of the area were vast forest. Well to an 6-8 year old vast has a different meaning, but there was a lot more then. When I was 8 I ran away from home and waited in the woods in front of the Kiblers house for Kathleen to join me. We had planned to run away together. Those woods are completely gone in this picture. While change is good, how long before all the woods of the world will exist only in the memories of those who once played in them. When we moved from Monk's Corner I left part of my innocence d'enfance there. Is it time to run away again? This time I want to leave my Adulthood behind!