Thursday, August 02, 2007

I do not believe we run from responsibilities. I think that we in general use this word often to avoid examining the things we dislike to closely. The thing I wish to run from is knowledge. The knowledge of how ugly mankind really is underneath all the manners and political correctness. This is something as kids we just have not seen yet. Childhood through school protects us from most of it. It is only after we leave to explore the world with our wings spread wide that we begin to see that we fly over, not a garden of wonders, but a wasteland of broken-half lived lives. Lives that are broken by the cruel nature of mankind never complete the numerous dreams and plans they once made.

So, I look to the untouched beauty of nature itself for peace and dream of a life without the knowledge of how ugly mankind really acts towards each other.

These maybe just words, but remember Shakespeare's greatest works are also just words.


Anonymous said...

It is your blog my friend and therefore welcome to you to disagree with me :). I still disagree in part with your retoric. Although there is truth in that mankind does not always insire with his deeds, I believe it is far more likly that we run from the consequesnces of our own choices. There is much saddness inthe world around us, but there is much nobility and beauty as well if we seek it. It becomes then a question of what we are looking for, for we shall surly find it.

PS This is fun argueing poetically

B said...

That was me and it entered before I added my name.
:( sorry.

Although I hate to admit that crap even to myslef, for it gives me no excuse for my own heartache, but alas, I fear that I know the truth even when I do not wish to see it.

Your bestest friend always