Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Well this is what Monk's Corner looks like now. It is so different. I remember when there were maybe 6 families living in the area pictured. The Ramseys, Dawsons, Rudds, Kiblers and maybe two more I did not know. The truly sad part is that the rest of the area were vast forest. Well to an 6-8 year old vast has a different meaning, but there was a lot more then. When I was 8 I ran away from home and waited in the woods in front of the Kiblers house for Kathleen to join me. We had planned to run away together. Those woods are completely gone in this picture. While change is good, how long before all the woods of the world will exist only in the memories of those who once played in them. When we moved from Monk's Corner I left part of my innocence d'enfance there. Is it time to run away again? This time I want to leave my Adulthood behind!


B said...

I think all of us want to run away from the responsibilities of life sometimes (most of the time :)). But, reality is that most of us have become so addicted to our lifestyles of living above our means that we just can't find the courage to stand on the edge and jump. Perhaps there will be land beneath our feet, or perhaps we will find we have the wings to fly, but either way, we will never know unless we take our courage in our hands, through our fate to the winds, and jump. A scary prospect to be sure, but better to have jumped and fallen than to never have known the freedom of letting go at all. :) But still, I wax poetic, and in the end, without actions, they are only words.

Kenneth said...

You do wax poetically, but I have to disagree with the part about us wanting to run away from responsibilities.