Friday, August 10, 2007

Wow. Abraham was a single source for three of the worlds largest religions. His 1st son by Hagar (his servant) was Ishmael. He founded the Islamic faith.

His son by Sarah (his wife) was Isaac. He founded the Jewish faith.

So why do these two faiths hate each other? Why is there so much spilled blood? Does it all go back to a brotherly dispute? Ishmael and his mother Hagar were send out into the desert after Sarah had Isaac. Was there more to the story? The lord of Ishmael and Isaac are the same. We are all brothers and sisters.


B said...

Just so you know that I am not "stumped" by your questions LOL
I know the answers for both of these questions, but I am not going to go there on a internet forum becuase the answers are too involved to explain this way and a lot of it requres knowing how much you know about certian things that I would use for references :)

Love you
B :)

Kenneth said...

Hi B,

We studied the foundations of religions at Huntingdon, but I was not speaking of or questioning faith based questions only historical facts.

It was a group of men that put together the books of the Bible... It was two brothers that started two religions. I question the men that made those choses and the history of the two sons.