Friday, October 19, 2007

Well, the first "movie" night was a success. It was night and a movie was shown. Friday we gathered for a night of pizza, cheese and a movie. The cheese never made it out...too bad. It was Dublin Cheese with tasty crackers. The movie was chosen by popular vote. Ok only one person voted and that was that. It even fit the season... ok anything from Tim Burton is creepy.

I hope everyone had a great time. We enjoyed having everyone over.

Sorry Lisa and Ken could not make time we'll have it on a Saturday night! How does that sound?


Ailire said...

Thanks for hosting movie night. We enjoyed it. And I agree that Saturday is a better night (?!?) for movie watching.

The cheese will return for the next movie night. And the crackers. Well, maybe not the same exact cheese and crackers. I don't think they'll survive 'til then.

And *other* people could have voted? ;o)


Kenneth said...

No one complained and you made a most excellent choice!

Anonymous said...

I HATE being a million miles away!!

Kenneth said...

Then move closer! You would have so many more choices up here... jobs, where to live, friends, churches...the list is endless... and flights to Chicago are very cheap from here!