Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Meridian Grand Tourney 2007 was an incredible event. The tournament started with the cool crisp morning fall air blowing and caring the many proud banners aloft. Everyone could sense the excitement as over 80 fighters took the field for honor and glory. Over 300 good gentles attended filling the many colorful sun shade pavilion surrounding the field. There were also a host of activities. Each of the orders not only sponsored one of the tournaments, but they also provide tasty treats for the populous. A great many also brought there A&S projects to work on and display field side. No matter what your interest everyone had something to entertain themselves with. The tournaments, of course, were the main attraction and I as a non-fighter did learn a great deal about fighting. Those that won honor on the field as listed here below.
1-Meridian Grand Tourney/Winner – Sir Elazar
2-Rosebud Tournament – Order or the Rose – Sabre tournament/Winner – Lord Mordan
3-Chalice Tournament – Open weaponstyle/Winner – Jarl Ailgheanan
($1500 raised for a battered women's shelter of winners choice)
4-Champions Tournament – Sable Sword – Open Weaponstyle/Winner – Count Aengus
5-Great Weapons Tournament – Order of the Bough/Winner – Baron Aubec
6-Grand Tournament/Winner - Count Seth of Newcastle

Chosen Champions for the Grand Tournament:
Populace- Mistress Stephanie
Laurels – Lord Fearghus
Pelicans – Baroness Ianka
Royal Peers – Master Geoffery
Sitting Royals – Lord Mandin
Chivalry – Lord Gunnar

The amazing MGT Champions Scroll was artfully created by the hand of Mistress Constance of Purneos.



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That is an amazing piece of illumination!!!!

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Are you going to Castle Wars this year???