Sunday, November 25, 2007

Five more Pilgrims arrived tonight. It will be a long two weeks for them to complete the holy rites of the shine.... I must be up extra early tomorrow to run fetch more eggs from the great Kinko's Farm before the pilgrims rise for their first day of enlightenment. The good thing is that at the hour of the morn the streets will be free of all the carts of the day and my trip will be speedy and quick.

Early to bed Earlier to rise!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Guess who? Wearing their mothers favorite color for them... and studing... well for the photo anyway. Is that a blank piece of paper you are studing so hard? I do not even know the year of this picture, but I would guess around 1984. Am I close?

No, I did not crop this picture... this is another example of our family's fine photo skills. This is one of the only pictures I have of the Fowler clan... Uncle Major and William almost lost their entire heads and Uncle Holly got a hair cut.

Great-Grand Mother Fowler (Zula, front center) was always smiling. I can never remember anything getting her down.

Please also note my Cool Rock Star Grandmother Doris with her hugh shades...when you are this cool the sun shines on you 24/7!
Here it is! Raccoon Mountain... Picture it...
the year is 1991, May... two young friends take off for an all credit card paid trip to see the world (some facts have been altered for no reason at all)
To save money they packed a loaned tent....
It gets late... the sun goes down... it gets cold... really cold (30 degrees) The pull into the Raccoon Mountain park to camp after dark to discover the loaner tent has no solid walls...only screen. So the two youth hang all their worldly belongings around the test to block the ice cold wind... we won't talk about the air mattress or the pup tent that smelled like cat pee...and had a rusted zipper so you could not open it more than a few inches....

Needless to say, they stayed in warm hotel rooms the rest of the trip.

We should have had more than a V8...but that would have helped.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yet another trip down memory lane... This was taken by Granny Doris in either 1974 or 1975. Yes, I am the nerd holding the dog. Sorry the picture is not the best quality... it was a instant, count to 10 and pill off the back...

My parents and brother are to the left and Tracey's parents are to the right... dig our mom's fashions; plaid pants and a red do-rag. Hot!
Digging in the boxes of family photos is always a fun trip down memory lane. A few days last week I discovered a badly damaged photo of Mom at a party in 1962. Funny how we all see our parents as parents. We forget that they had lifes before children, before us. I never knew this shy young lady.

Oh and I did find the "tent" photo from 1992... it will be making an appearance here later.

Ask your parents what they liked when they were 19... before it is too late to ask them.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Were-pig! This past week I traveled to the deep south to visit with family. I have been out of touch with my family for so many years I have lost touch with Uncles and Cousin alike.

I discovered that my only cousin on my Dad's side is now an amazing author. Please read her blog listed under my links. Tracey Kitts Wow!

After the long weekend visit with the folks I returned home in time to attend Castle Wars down in Macon! Yet again it was COLD! ...but a wonderful weekend. I found a were-pig bag from one of the vendors. Good friends, good food, and good times! Who said camping is not fun has never camped with Owl's Nest Shire!

Love this picture! (from Tracey's Blog)

With the caption: All we're missing is a naked werewolf.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Just got home from a wonderful weekend in Blue Ridge. It is so relaxing up there. I wish I had more time to enjoy it. Now, back to work!