Friday, November 23, 2007

Guess who? Wearing their mothers favorite color for them... and studing... well for the photo anyway. Is that a blank piece of paper you are studing so hard? I do not even know the year of this picture, but I would guess around 1984. Am I close?


Anonymous said...

I have absolutly no clue how old this photo was but it had to be between 1982 and 84 LOL

Isabella Poliziana said...

I think I remember when this photo was taken. I was a senior in High School and we were at the oral intrepretation competition in Pensacola and the teacher wanted photos so she told us to fake doing something lolololol

Kenneth said...

I knew you were not studing! How tan you are in this picture... It must have been all the time working with Shasta (I loved that horse)