Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yes! It is another trip down memory lane. This stop is Easter 1973 or 1974. We lived in Charleston, SC and would make the yearly or bi-yearly trips to see the folks in Florida. These photos are of a visit to the Kent Farm. It is also one of only 2 photos I have of my Grandfather Kent. He would die of cancer only a few years later. One of my favorite memories of Grandpa was on the farm on one of these visits when I had followed him out to the barn. He had gone to get a fence post and when I saw the post I told him (so I am told) that I was too little to pick it up and he was too old. I remember following him everywhere and remember the post, but my mother and grandmother liked telling the story so even though I do not remember what I said I have heard it over and over again. So now I am telling the story for myself being that everyone else has passed away.

Sorry about the color in these photos. My parents left this roll of film in the glove box of this little green Vega until they sold it a few years later... then had them developed to see what was on them. I had almost forgotten that the house once was Pink! My brother Kevin now lives in the old Kent House and it has been gray with white trim for a very long time now. My grand Parents were farmers and I only remember my grandfather in overalls...even at church.

One last note... Mom had me and Kevin in matching plaid pants and vest...as if the chickens cared that we matched.

It is funny what you miss as you get older.

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Anonymous said...

Well I certianly remember the house, but the photos are a bit before I ever knew you. Remember the time R came with us to your house? Scary times eh.

PS Come to England!!!!!