Sunday, February 10, 2008

It is time to replace water faucets and update light fixtures in the house. We plan to sell it in March and the buzz words are "curb appeal". So many things to do.... Our builder (now KB Homes) do a half ass job on our house... The bathroom light fixture does not have an electrical box behind them... so when I pulled one of them down to replace it this morning, the 30-69 minute job became a weekend project. Oh, and there is no studs in the wall to even mount a box to... So we have to replace it with the same (POS) lights or call an electrician to correct what KB Homes skipped. Oh and we did pay for two independent inspections during the build... that was money well spent...

Well Now I am moving on to replacing the faucets, before returning the light fixtures to Home Depot... One down, two to go!

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