Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Many of you know my family or know of my family, so let me introduce some of them to you. This is my brother and part of his large family. Kevin is very much a jokester. Like father, like sons with the pranks and good natured fun. My sister-in -law is center and I do not know a braver more up beat person. Darlene has been through more than 90% of us could ever image and is still the center of the family and still keeps my brother inline...well as much as anyone person ever could. Their three girls are from left to right: Sarah (youngest), Lori (oldest), and Lisa (Jan-middle). The two kids (Tye and little Jade) are my brothers grand kids by Lori and her husband, Jacoby (standing behind her)

This is taken out side the Kent farm (was pink and white) My brother also has two sons by his 1st wife, Dewayne and Andrew both are in school in Tokyo and have been for a few years now.

A truly remarkable one ever said it was easy being family...but if everyone will smile for the camera we can make them think it is.

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Isabella Poliziana said...

Wow, Kevin still totally looks like he did in high school lol