Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Well, I have recovered from the Shires business meeting, or extended dinner that followed for those of us not wise enough to go home after the meeting. There is now a topic that "must not be Named" less it return to take over another Dinner or meeting. After meeting dinners must be held at restaurants that close... At no time may I join an after meeting dinner if it is held at a 24 hours establishment... no matter how hungry I am... no matter who is going... no matter how many are going. As I discovered Monday night (really Tuesday Morning) I lack the skills needed to just leave a dinner and go home at a normal hour. For the record, 1:30am is not a normal hour to leave and 2am is most definitely not a normal hour to return home.

Two key learnings:
The Subject that "must not be name" is to be avoided at all meetings and dinners and after meeting dinners must be held at restaurants that close.


Ailire said...

Ha ha ha ha!

Rosalinde said that she can tell we're all getting older because we were out until after 1:30 in the morning and all we'd done for 5 hours is talk.

Unfortunately, I don't think a restaurant with a closing hour will help us with our little problem that much. I've stood outside a restaurant with some of our same dinner companions until after 1:00am, which was well after closing time for the restaurant.

Food for thought? (LOL)


Anonymous said...

Key learning points for traveling around london.

The Tubes are totally unpredictable on sundays except for the understanding that the line and trains you need the MOST, WILL be shut down LOLOLOL.

sounds like you had FUN!!! I have posted the photos from Wales on my account :) and will be posting the Canterbury photos tonight - Have an icon just for you from the Cathederal of Canterbury!!

Kenneth said...

Thanks B,

I have already seen those amazing pictures... I was more impressed with
Canterbury than with Westminster... How was it in person?