Thursday, March 06, 2008


Well today started out at 3am. Catch a 6am flight. Arrived in Anaheim at 9am. Call Bri at home, then called Bec in London... that is a hell of a time change... 9am here is 6pm there. I have a hard time keeping up with the 5 hours from Atlanta/London.

It must be a busy er time here because the Taxi cost $5 more this time for the same trip I took just a few months ago.

So you may ask why do all this.... so I could visit the Happiest place on Earth, of course! I walked over, had lunch, then rode the three things I did not get to ride last trip. Indy's Adventure, Matterhorn, and the Haunted Mansion. All three were amazing. I also rode Pirates again and a few others that I liked. The Haunted Mansion was not themed with Jack, so that must have been a special for Christmas. The best ride, Indy's Adventure, but I have to say the Matterhorn was wilder than it looks.

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