Monday, March 10, 2008

Call to ARMS!
Have you ever noticed how we deal with each other? Some times we push to get our way, and sometimes we give to avoid a fight, but most often we just do not care unless it is about ourselves. I am guilty of all of these and I am sure many more that I would hate to admit. We are all guilty of them... it is what makes us human instead of just another animal.
We can all improve on some element of our lives, careers, friendships, and the list goes on for ever... None of us are perfect. Nor can any of be perfect... we can only try (sometimes our best, sometimes not) to be better.
Next time we want to improve the world each of us should look at our own imperfect selves first, then try to help each other try to be better.
The wisest man know that he can never know everything, but he keeps trying.
When next you (and myself) feel the call to ARMS, and to defend yourself try to remember that the other person is just as imperfect as you, and that if you both work together, you both get a little closer to perfection.

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