Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I have to say the new park in Kennesaw is nice. We had people come up and ask us about our group...and it was not the cops asking us to leave. Well, not before I left due to the cold and not feeling all to well.

New people came to Heavy and Fencing (not the same new people either) and 5 please asked us what we did, and Icky's friend may dump him completely after talking to all of us non-fighters...(sorry Icky) and while dancing did not happen (too cold and TOO COLD) we did have a great selection of dance music played and many requested Dancing next week, and the following week.

Best of all the subject that will not die, but which can kill all other subjects, did not come up..... thanks for small miracles.

I look forward to the Practice after next... as I will be in Anaheim next Tuesday. I may have to bake some meat pies... (the ale will have to wait until we are in the new house... the smell may drive away buyers)

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