Saturday, May 24, 2008

It was a long road and we still have a little further to go, but this is our new home. The oak floors still need to be matte finished, and a dozen other odd things need to be fix or finished. The phone and cable wiring/jacks all need to be installed (every room). Plus the papers and checks need to be signed and exchanged. As much as I am ready to move in today, it will have to wait until everything is completed. June 17th (Tuesday) is our closing date and June 18th is our moving truck/ furniture delivery day. As with the last house... nothing stays. We are getting a new living room set, new kitchen set, new refrigerator, new washer & dryer the same day we move in. Later we'll pick out either a formal dinning room set or a baby grand piano (you know which I want) and a guest bed room suite. We have not decided if we are keeping our current two matching computer desk or picking out new ones. We have not picked a date for our first party, but there will be one... this house was made for entertaining and entertaining we will do. There is so much to do and so much that has had to be planned that the stress has gotten to both of us... so tomorrow we are making a quick mini vacation to Biltmore for some relaxing country peace...right after we stop by Best Buy to setup the washer and dryer delivery... then peaceful relaxation. (But it is all worth it) We are very fortunate that we had a great Realtor who sold our house in 45 days for full asking price... Robin Lemon Rocks!

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Ailire said...

Yippee! I know that y'all are overjoyed about the new house. Can't wait to see it in person!


P.S. I wrote this note this morning, but forgot to post it. Duh...