Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday, a group of friends attempted to surprise Tanita as a (very) belated birthday party at the Shakespeare Tavern. So much for the surprise... my Lady was much too cleaver to not figure something was afoot, so we had to tell her in advance of our plans and she loved it. The play was A Midsummer Night's Dream. The cast was excellent... and some were very cute too.
I must encourage any who have never ventured to this Tavern... it is well worth the trip... (park at the hospital) While Brian liked it, I may have to attend future plays without him. I grew up with Shakespeare and love it dearly... so I must become a member and see the rest of their season.
It is a must see! Best MSND I have ever seen! Two Thumbs up! Ha Zahhh!
I did not know we had such a talented theatre company here... that is what living in the suburbs will do to you.
Thanks Lisa for the Great Idea... Thanks Ester for setting the dates and getting the tickets, and Thanks Tanita, most of all, for having the best 21st birthday party!
(actual reviews not used in blog, dates, names, and locations may have been changed to protect all parties, Actual age of birthday is based on the same formula used to calculate the price of a gallon of gas and is just as actuate.)

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Ailire said...

How did I miss not commenting on this?

I had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed everyone's company. Thanks so much for helping to celebrate my birthday. (It was especially special, since my birthday was almost 2 months past.)

Let's do this again sometime!