Friday, September 05, 2008

Dragon.con 2008

Well, where do I begin...

First with the panels we saw.

Torchwood: Gareth David Lloyd and Anthony Lewis. Gareth told some amazing stories and all I am going to say is he can text me any of those pictures...anytime. It was a great panel.

Deep Space 9: Avery Brooks seemed to be stoned out of his mind. I felt bad for the other stars on the panel. enough said...

Andromeda Reunion: Kevin Sorbo is very full of himself, but also very funny. He likes to tell off-color jokes... some funny, some no so much... over all good panel.

Now the stars we just met because I happened to be in the right place at the right time...
I held the door open for Adam West (Batman). It pays to be nice.

We were in James Marsters (Spike) entourage...we crossed the street together. He was very nice, but much shorter in person. James is also very grey, but his leg has healed nicely.

The next day we were in Michael Rosenbaum's (Lex) entourage at the very same crossing. Michael was also very nice, very thin and looks much better and younger with hair. He is totally addicted to his i-Phone...and he has a nice ass...never thought about it but his is a sexy bad guy.

We saw many, many more stars... some looked like they did (Erin Grey (from Buck Rogers)...amazing) and some that looked their age... Lou is still BIG! (just not green)

Brian and I had a great time, but missed both Bec and Tracey... Next year you both have to excuses.

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