Friday, November 07, 2008

First let me start by saying this is going to be a rant!

I do not care what any one's opinions are concerning same-sex marriage. The only opinion that concerns me is my own. After reading a yahoo news link about the legal battle over this issue and seeing a map of the US with all the states that have band same-sex marriage in one way or another marked in red, I am now seeing red! It is a sin for everyone of us that can read and write not to learn from our own history... to not see the same mistakes being made again and again... to listen to and follow anyone (including our Presidents and other leader...including religious ones too) that teaches, preaches, or wants us to HATE! Yet a majority of Americans are doing just that.... sinning and following the twisted logic of those spreading hate.

Slaves faced these same thing! Supporters of slavery used religion. the Bible, fear, and yes, hate to lead others into supporting their views... Slavery way supported by as many pulpits as plantations in the South!

The right to vote was denied the fairer sex based on and supported by the same groups! A good wife stayed at home and keep her house clean, raised her children, saw after the needs of her husband... and had no business worrying about politics... that was for men... they would not understand it.... the bible says they should stand by their husband so they do not need a separate voice because a good wife supports her husband... Preachers, husbands, and politicians all supported keeping this right and this power from them... saying it was right because it is in the Bible!

Inter-racial couples... same thing (even though we in the US had millions of inter-racial children from slavery) It was ok to sleep together, just not marry outside your race.

Equal pay... still fighting that one! but you do not hear about it anymore because it widely considered wrong and anyone doing it is a racist, sexist, or something worst... so why is the average pay for minorities less for the same jobs... Why do women on average make less for the same job and hold fewer high paying jobs than men in many fields like Science?

It is wrong to discriminate against anyone! And yes I am being discriminated against... Even though, Brian and I have been together for 12 years, I have yet to receive the same tax breaks a heterosexual couple has received for 12 years... we can not take each others name without paying for a legal name change... we have to have detailed legal wills to insure if one of us dies the other will inherit... we still after 12 years are not considered a family by the state and federal government that we pay taxes too.

So why should we stay and support a state or country that neither serve, nor protect us... in fact ... they have both worked very hard to pass law and amendments to discriminate against us. England supports us.... Canada does too... and we could gain citizenship anywhere we wanted....

So I do not care what any ones opinion is on this subject... I view anyone that has a differing view than 100 % zero discrimination as a sinner themselves, a bigot, and a spreader of hate. I have no room for discussion on the issue of same-sex marriage... and while I maybe polite and not say it to your face...I have said what I think here.

I am being discriminated against!

It is a fact for me not just an opinion.


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right.

Some other friends (gay and black, male and female) and I were having this same coverstation just last night at dinner. And if you look at the classes of people who supported the ban, a large percentage of blacks and hispanics were in favor of the ban. (And I'm sure that a goodly number of them consider themselves good, church-going christians.) Kind of ironic, when there's such a cry and hew against discrimination, and here they are supporting another form of discrimination against different group of peoople.

I'm always disappointed in religions (and people) who say that you should "love everyone...just not those folks over there. 'Coz they're not like us."

Makes me shake my head.

Ailire said...

Oops...that's from me.


Popcorn Addict said...

While I am not in the current category of being discriminated against I do feel some of the pain. I was brought up to love everyone around me regardless of their lifestyle, gender, race, and more. As I have grown to know more people in my life I have realized that we should all receive the same treatment. When I went to vote I actually thought I would see this on the ballot but this was not even an option - why would we not get to vote on this in GA?