Sunday, November 16, 2008

Two days ago I had a very unfortunate case of mistaken identities. Have you ever noticed how much the Eggnog and Egg beaters cartons look alike?

I love Eggnog and like a cold glass of it in the mornings...well two days ago I must have been a little too sleepy still, because I poured myself a tumbler full of what I was sure was Eggnog... A few seconds later I knew something was to right as I bent over the kitchen sink coughing... The first thought was "so that is what eggnog taste like when it turns bad" The truth hit me as I reached for the carton to see the expiration date and realize that it was egg beaters not eggnog... I think that made me even sicker.

So be warned! Eggnog and Egg beaters are not the same.


Popcorn Addict said...

Ewe! I can't even imagine...serious gagging! Just the thought of it...gross!

Anonymous said...

....still LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

giggle, hick-up, giggle

Ailire said...

Oh, that is way too funny! ROFL!